The Temple of Love



Long ago this temple was resplendent in it’s finery, and tended by a group of priests and priestesses. The spring that wells up here was known for the effect it had on people, and it wasn’t long before it was worshipped, and then became the home of a goddess of love. Centuries past, and the temple fell to ruin, but the potent magic remains. At night the water glows with positive and beautiful energies, and fairies and other fey creatures gather from miles around..

The Temple of Love is a printable battemap compatible with any RPG game. It can be used as a standalone gameboard, or combined with any same-scale tileset.
The Temple of Love is a day & night set, comprising of 2 30×30 battlemaps. The daytime map features a large Greek-style temple in the woods, with crumbled and broken statues and columns. Moss and plants have begun to encroach over the fallen temple, and flowers adorn the clearing. A pool at the centre, fed by the spring, overflows where falling stones have smashed the retaining wall, and the clear water flows across the area.  At night the water and temple are awash with magical energy, and glow pink and blue. Fairies and sprites gather around, drawn by the magic of love.
The pack includes an A4 pdf document with 300dpi versions of each map. Also included is a set of gridded and gridless 300dpi full size jpgs for poster printing and 72dpi VTT-ready files..