Desert Tombs   – 4 separate battlemaps

Desert Tomb 1 – Download

Desert Tomb 2 – Download

Desert Tomb 3 – Download

Desert Tomb 4 – Download


The windblown sand and dust of ages hides the Tombs of the Ancient, the graves of Pharaohs, Priests and Queens

Tomb4_preview Tomb3_preview Tomb2_preview Tomb1_preview

Printable battlemaps compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset.
Contents: An Egyptian style tomb complex. Treasures, statues, sarcophagi and floor paintings decorate these ancient burial tombs.
Uses: Steal the treasure from the tomb of the Pharaoh, resurrect the Queen of the Sands, venture into the shadows to destroy an ancient evil.
Also included is a 300dpi full size jpg, for poster printing or VTT