St Olfryc’s Priory

St Olfryc set up the Priory here over 400 years ago, dedicating his life to prayer and helping others. Over time the monastery grew, and the small chapel was rebuilt as a grand church. Pilgrims and travellers alike will always find a warm welcome at St Olfryc’s Priory.

Contents: A 30 x 30 map depicting a medieval monastic complex. The central feature is the large, grand church, with ornate columns and decorative tiles. Clockwise from the church is the Chapter House, where the Brothers meet to discuss issues. The dormitory is next (with it’s own reredorter (toilet). Below that is the refectory where the monks meet for meals. The kitchen that serves it is below, and that attaches to the grander rooms of the Prior. All these buildings surround a central cloister and herb garden.
This map is available in 5 different versions
  1. Summer Priory
  2. Winter Priory
  3. Night Attack
  4. Summer Ruins
  5. Winter Ruins

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