Ice Base: Khione


Dug deep into a glacier, the sprawling military complex of Ice Base Khione contains everything needed to support a rebel force. Huge blast doors protect a hangar, and from there are engineering rooms, stores, medical bays, command rooms and areas for the crew.

A printable rpg battlemap compatible with any RPG or skirmish game. Use as a standalone gameboard, or combine with any same-scale tileset. The map is 50×50, equivalent to 25 of our standard 10×10 tiles.
Contents: A futuristic sci-fi military base carved into ice. Hangars, crew rooms and other support facilities are included.
Download includes:
300dpi A4 pdf map spread across 50 pages for easy printing.
300dpi full jpeg versions for VTT or poster printing
72dpi VTT Ready jpegs.