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Chromatic Dragon Lairs & Vighaugr Treasury

We’ve put together a bundle of 5 brand new Dragon Lair battlemaps – visiting each of the Chromatic Dragons. We’ve also made a Dwarven Treasury map, which features both an intact version and a version of it being wrecked in the middle of a dragon attack.

If you pick up the Dragon bundle in January you’ll receive a discount code (via email) that gives you 75% off Vighaugr Treasury.

Chromatic Dragon Bundle

Vighaugr Treasury

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Modular Kit: Starship Corridors

Modular Kit: Starship Corridors


Modular Kit: Starship Corridors is a printable Sci Fi tileset compatible with any RPG/Skirmish game. It can be used as a standalone set, or combined with any same-scale tileset.
The set comprises 73 different tiles that can be printed multiple times and arranged in limitless combinations to produce futuristic spacecraft interiors, battle cruisers, scientific research facilities, colonies, military outposts and much more. Includes corridors of various widths (4, 2 and 1 square), junctions, small rooms, and tiles that allow the construction of custom large rooms.
PDF printable sheets, with both gridded and non-gridded versions
A set of 300dpi full size png files, for poster printing or VTT.
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