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Torchlit Dungeon – Get it free!

I’ve uploaded a pair of dungeon boards ‘Torchlit Dungeon 1&2′ at Drivethru


You can get Torchlit Dungeon 1 for free, so if you want to try it out and see what you think, you can download it from here.

Torchlit Dungeon 1


Torchlit Dungeon 1 matches up with Torchlit Dungeon 2, so you combine them and make a super-dungeon.


Torchlit Dungeon 2


The picture below shows how they can be matched up to make a 20 x 20 board.




I’d love to hear what you think of these two maps.



Update to the earlier maps

After releasing my first 6 maps, I went back and reconsidered how I was dealing with walls. Originally I had just denoted them with black lines, but I tried a few new ideas and have updated them all now with walls – you can see the sort of style below.

I’m pretty pleased with the new look, and so I’ve updated the existing maps, and all new maps will have the new look.