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Faewood Loft

The Elves of Faewood found no peace living in the shadows of the ancient trees, so they built their town high above the troubles of the world below. Faewood Loft is a treetop village, perched high above the misty forest of Faewood. Homes are made in hollowed trees or on wooden platforms, strung together with a network of ropebridges and walkways. At night the fruit of the trees give out a pale blue glow, illuminating the walkways and platfirms of Faewood Loft.

Faewood Loft is the perfect location for numerous adventures – a town of wood elves, forest dwelling goblins – even an Ewok village if you’re playing Star Wars! Provided with both day and night versions, this geomorphic set is very versatile.




Get it here: Faewood Loft

Forest Roads

We’re very glad to have this map out – Forest Roads

Check it out here: DrivethruRPG


Doors and Forests!



Lots of updates today – didn’t get round to posting these last week.

First up is a free set of 2D doors that you can print, cut out and use on our maps.



Next we have three Forest maps (another 3 will follow soon).

They are Forest Paths, Forest Village and Forest Waterfall.


You can see a preview of those below

summer_whole forest_village_autumn_preview        waterfall_preview1