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4th Birthday Sale!

It’s our 4th Birthday! Happy Birthday to us!  And to celebrate, and thank everyone for all the support over the past 4 years, we have two special gifts. The first is a 60% sale - hundreds of our maps are discounted until Monday 10th July. The second gift is a FREE 20×20 battlemap “Idn Kar Wastes – Ruined Base“.



So, thanks to all our customers, and here’s to another year of Heroic Maps!



Hinterlands Geomorphic Set

We’ve gone back to our wilderness geomorphic offering, and have released the first 11 sets of the new Hinterlands range. The core set of Wilderness is Free, and the other 10 sets add roads, forests and rivers to allow you to make huge custom wilderness maps.

You can pick up a bundle of all the maps in the Hinterlands set so far here:–Hinterlands-Geomorphic-Set-BUNDLE?src=newest (3)